Episode 15: Wrestlemania

This week we’ve got a special Wrestlemania edition of All Sports Are Bad. Reuben Poling joins us to talk everything about World Wrestling Entertainment from Saudi Arabia, to rampant bigotry, to the lack of employee healthcare, to undead zombie warlocks, to NXT, to the Montreal Screwjob itself, and much much more. This one was a […]

Episode 14: Baseball Preview

It’s our baseball preview episode! This week we went through each division and made our personal picks and standouts. We went over Ichiro Suzuki’s retirement and Pete Rose’s weird attitude towards him in general. We also covered March Madness and more specifically Tom Izzo’s recent antics. And Patrick finally got to rant at length about […]

Episode 13: All Sports Are Good

Whether or not people want to admit it, the world of sports is chalk full of coded racism. While most leagues and the media outlets that cover them aren’t as overt with their bigotry as they once were, they’ve adapted by using dog whistles instead. This episode covers this topic heavily. We also get into […]

Episode 12: Ancient Aliens

Fair warning, this isn’t actually a podcast about Ancient Aliens. You’ll figure that out quickly. This week our main topic revolves around the NFL, specifically the double standard that exists between expectations the owners have for themselves and the expectations players must meet in order to exist in the league. Spoiler alert: It’s not fair […]

Episode 11: The Redemption Narrative

This episode contains discussions of topics such as sexual assault, domestic abuse, and violence. In this episode we take a look at the redemption narrative. Jake and Patrick analyze why we as a sports-viewing public love a comeback, but that it’s currently being applied to athletes who are genuinely terrible people as a means to […]

Episode 10: How Good Is Instant Replay Anyway?

In this episode we review the NFC and AFC Championship games and some of the hilarious and horrendous controversies surrounding them. We also talk about the prospect of the NFL reviewing pass interference and how that may slow the game down and make it less entertaining, as well as instant replay and technology in officiating […]

Episode 9: First ever guest Reuben Poling!

Episode nine marks a very special episode, our first guest! Reuben Poling joins the podcast and we talk about MLB salaries, financial structures, Kyler Murray, Manny Machado, and why the player’s union is probably going to go on strike sooner rather than later. We also dive deep into some NBA Western Conference analysis, more specifically […]

Episode 8: First Annual San Diego Padres Rankings

In our first podcast of 2019 we debut our first annual San Diego Padres Power Rankings. And I know what you’re thinking, and it’s not a power rankings of Padres players. It is a rankings list of the most generic, uninteresting, irrelevant franchises in sports today named after the most iconic generic, uninteresting, irrelevant franchise […]