Episode 28: The MLB Postseason

For episode 28 we’ve got a hell of a lot to talk about with regards to the MLB Postseason. We run down what we think about each team and their chances of winning the world series. We also talk about some of the teams NOT in the postseason, mostly the ones actively tanking. Spoiler alert: […]

Episode 27: Off The Field Issues

The Antonio Brown saga was ugly and unrelentingly shitty on all fronts. It started off weird and has only gotten more grotesque as it continued to unfold over the last few months. It was impossible to ignore, an absolute sports news behemoth. AB is a total scumbag and no one will deny that at all. […]

Episode 26: Summer’s Over

It’s our final episode of the season, and thank god summer is over. In this episode we chat about just how boring it is to try to cover sports from July through August. We also talk about Major League Baseball’s transformation into the sport it is right now and how a few older folks are […]

Episode 25: A Privilege Check

This week we discussed the United States Women’s National Soccer Team, their history, and their quest for equal pay. We also examined our own privilege as men and how even well-meaning allies can contribute heavily to problematic narratives that allow higher powers to discriminate. We also weighed in on the red-hot San Francisco Giants, Magic […]

Episode 24: Cleveland Baseball

The All Star Game was in Cleveland this past week and it caused us to take a look at the still very thriving culture of racism against Native Americans embedded in not only Cleveland Indians fandom, but sports as a whole. We learned that while Cleveland has (kind of) phased out its racist caricature of […]

Episode 23: All Drafts Are Bad

This week we covered the hectic world of the NBA, the league that never sleeps, and all of the off season nonsense that is going on in that universe before going in to our main topic: Amateur drafts. Why they’re absolute nonsense, why they have nothing to do with competitive balance, and why they should […]

Episode 22: Thirst

All sports leagues need attention, but oftentimes these organizations get a little TOO thirsty for our eyes and ears. With that, Jake ranks his thirstiest sports complete with commentary. Think your favorite sport made the cut on this who’s who of insufferable attention-seeking? Well then you’ve come to the right place, because it probably did. […]

Episode 21: The Long Lost Podcast

In this long lost episode from the ancient days of two weeks ago we covered the Warriors and Kevin Durant, and other player-team relationships gone egregiously sour, among many other topics. Also featured: Some NBA prospect analysis, an update on the Lorena Martin/Mariners situation, and finally some NFL commentary.

Episode 20: Caster Semenya is Perfect

This week we discussed the very disturbing situation surrounding Caster Semenya and how she has been a target of discrimination by the IAAF, and their ruling that she must now alter her body chemistry in order to compete. We also talk about the implications of that ruling going forward which may set a precedent in […]

Episode 19: Kobe Bryant is Bad

In this episode we dive into the legacy of Kobe Bryant. Using analytics and basic scouting methods, how does he stack up to the greatest players of all time? Do Kobe stans have an actual claim here or are they all just total weirdos who have a flawed understanding of what makes basketball players great? […]