Episode 21: The Long Lost Podcast

In this long lost episode from the ancient days of two weeks ago we covered the Warriors and Kevin Durant, and other player-team relationships gone egregiously sour, among many other topics. Also featured: Some NBA prospect analysis, an update on the Lorena Martin/Mariners situation, and finally some NFL commentary. Advertisements

Episode 20: Caster Semenya is Perfect

This week we discussed the very disturbing situation surrounding Caster Semenya and how she has been a target of discrimination by the IAAF, and their ruling that she must now alter her body chemistry in order to compete. We also talk about the implications of that ruling going forward which may set a precedent in […]

Episode 19: Kobe Bryant is Bad

In this episode we dive into the legacy of Kobe Bryant. Using analytics and basic scouting methods, how does he stack up to the greatest players of all time? Do Kobe stans have an actual claim here or are they all just total weirdos who have a flawed understanding of what makes basketball players great? […]

Episode 16: All Sports Are Game Of Thrones

If every media outlet in the world is going to be doing Game of Thrones related content, then we sure as hell aren’t going to miss out on this opportunity. Episode 16 is about the current going-ons in the MLB, the NBA, the PGA Tour, and the NCAA. But also it’s about Game of Thrones […]

Episode 15: Wrestlemania

This week we’ve got a special Wrestlemania edition of All Sports Are Bad. Reuben Poling joins us to talk everything about World Wrestling Entertainment from Saudi Arabia, to rampant bigotry, to the lack of employee healthcare, to undead zombie warlocks, to NXT, to the Montreal Screwjob itself, and much much more. This one was a […]